There are lots of ways we can tell computers what to do. For Loops are a common way of telling a computer to do something for each item in a list. In Python that will look like this:

Python follows our instructions and does something (in this case, printing some words) over and over for each thing in the list.
Let's see how we might modify Tina's picture to make use of a loop like this.

In this case we're telling Tina to take a list filled with ["red", "blue", "yellow"] anddraw_circle with each of these colors.
You may have noticed that the circles are all in the same place. That's because Python will do the exact thing we tell it to and we haven't told it to move locations like we were doing before.
Can you add another color to the list above so that Tina draws your new color last? Tina doesn't know every color, but she knows quite a few, like"purple", "pink","black", and "grey".